1. Go to providers site (see below)

  2. First screen will say: "Welcome! Please check in below to let PROVIDER know you are here"

  3. Enter full patient name (first and last)

  4. Click "Enable Camera Now"

  5. You will enter the Virtual Waiting room

  6. Once provider is available, they will come onto the line and proceed with the visit


  1. Try to get an accurate weight for your child/yourself

  2. For some visit types, you may receive a call 20-30 minutes before to go over details with a nurse

  3. If you need privacy during the visit plan for this ahead of time (private room, headphones, etc)

  4. If you don't have a scheduled appointment your provider will not be on-line

Provider Links


Team 1

Dr. Sheehy - https://doxy.me/drjamessheehypw

Dr. Daly - https://doxy.me/drjamesdalypw

Sue Kelleher - https://doxy.me/NPSusanKelleherPediWest


Team 2

Dr. Lee - https://doxy.me/dremilyleepw

Dr. Sanders - https://doxy.me/drmichellesanders

Jessica Zopf - https://doxy.me/npjessicazopfpw


Team 3

Dr. Eagan – https://doxy.me/dreaganpw

Julie Leonhardt – https://doxy.me/npjulieleonhardtpw 

Georgia Agganis -  https://doxy.me/npagganis



Team 1

Christine Suriani - https://doxy.me/npchristinepw

Dr. Coleman - https://doxy.me/drrussellcolemanpw

Dr. Jones – https://doxy.me/drelizajonespw

Jessica Wright - https://pajessicawrightpw


Team 2

Kayla Simard - https://doxy.me/npkaylasimardpw

Jayne Kinney - https://doxy.me/npjaynekinneypw        


Team 3

Dr. Hiltunen -  https://doxy.me/drkarenhiltunenpw

Meghan Aldrich - https://doxy.me/meghanaldrichnppw

Karen Balestrieri - https://doxy.me/karenflynnbalestrierinppw


Team 1

Dr. Voute - https://doxy.me/drsusanvoutepw

Dr. Coleman - https://doxy.me/drrussellcolemanpw

Eric Hebert - https://doxy.me/ehebert 


Team 2

Dr. Goharfar - https://doxy.me/drbehzadgoharfarpw

Dana Oliver - https://doxy.me/npdanaoliverpediwest



Allergy West

Dr. Narayan - https://doxy.me/drsaranarayanaw

Dr. Amin - https://doxy.me/drpriyalamin     

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